Last Rant

November 26, 2016

Well been waiting all day for my blog domain to show up and kept getting error messages and this morning I find out I typed something in and had left an s off and so nothing was connecting. Got it fixed and will be remodeling my new WordPress soon maybe today if the gaming group doesn’t meet today.



November 25, 2016

Well as soon as it gets installed my blog will be moving from here to

Catching up

September 24, 2016

Trash is taken out and have started the laundry. I never remember my parent telling me how much laundry even older kids produce, I knew toddlers used a ton of clothes but my girls still produce a ton of laundry LOL .

Let us hope I am climbing out of the pit again  had a couple of productive weeks late last month, would like to duplicate that again this month.

On the bright side, I have started getting treatment for my diabetes and am going to see a specialist about possible ADHD or depression issue I suffer from. I also started a Gofundme to help pay my massive deductible and actually got a few donations, thanks to all my friends


August 26, 2016

I have finally started doing some rearranging in the dining room I have been planning for the last 6 months. I am hoping to get eh computer desk put together Saturday or Sunday and actually  put at least one of the desktops online. I am surprised how well I have gone with just this laptop over the last year

The Sleeper won’t awaken

August 16, 2016

I repel what I love.

I lose what I love

The tighter I try to hold on the father I push my desire away.

All my life I live for tomorrow.

That there will always be a chance to say I’m sorry.

If I close myself I turn cold and hard.

I open myself up and my insanity floods my mouth.

Cling to tight and crush the jewel.

Hold too loose and it falls between my fingers.

Attach to quickly, and set myself up for pain.

Shield my heart and never feel another’s heart.

Delusions of  reality is where I live.

My fantasy world, where I think I love and am loved.

In reality, I may be loved but I fail to love.

Insincerity if my creed.

Lack of emotional connection is my skill.

I am a psychic vampire.

I drain the lives of those around me

Till finally as a husk they see the truth.

In my cave, I sit alone

I dream a dream the lie I live

I am unable to love another human being.

The true me

August 16, 2016

I am an ostrich with my head in the sand.

I am living in my head no grasp on reality.

Oh, the sunlight of truth is hard on my eyes

Showing just how empty my heart is.


August 14, 2016

Do not chase peace

You can never catch it

Be still, calm, and wait

Peace will come to you

Haiku Friday

August 13, 2016

forgotten how fun

talking with a kindred spirit

satisfies the soul

I am

August 13, 2016

I am who I am.

I am complex.

I am irrational.

I am logical.

I am a dichotomy of many things.

Love me, hate me, ignore me.

I am me.

I Still​ Have it

August 12, 2016

I signed back up to be a psychic for the Power Psychic Network. I go under the name Joseph Elric. I signed in today, and my first client enjoyed my reading so much we ended up talking for 75 minutes. I really felt  good and it was good to be back.

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