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I was wrong

February 25, 2010

I Thought Pay day loans where¬† a bad idea and couldn’t understand why any one would use one,but I was wrong. We have now successfully used 2 in the last 6 months and what we paid in interest, while high, was a lot less than what our bank would of made off me at 37.00 a check for each one they cover with my overdraft protection.

Yes, my bank doesn’t offer me a real over draft line of credit, they have just agreed to cover any check up to a certain amount,but charge the 37.00 ISF fee each time they do it, only takes 2 checks and a payday loan is cheaper than the bank.

I don’t like having to have used them,but with income some times in fluctuation, from Clients, but Bill pay dates set in stone, you do what you have to do


Going to the Temple

February 23, 2010

Woot We will be able to go on our Wards temple trip this Saturday. I managed to get a great deal through price line on name your own price for a rental car and Maggie got an extra client so we have the money for the trip, and Maggie’s sister will be down with us on vacation and she has agreed to come with us and watch the Kids while we are in the Temple. The Lord has really blessed us and help us so this trip can come together

February 22, 2010

Hello  I was Born In Bakersfield California October 16, 1964 I grew in in a small suburb out side of Bakersfield called Airport acres in the larger area call oildale. I am the youngest of 5 children

February 22, 2010

I am here. Fear me mortals, fear me

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