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Christian Courage

October 25, 2010

“Some people mistakenly think responses such as silence, meekness, forgiveness, and bearing humble testimony are passive or weak. But to ‘love [our] enemies, bless them that curse [us], do good to them that hate [us], and pray for them which despitefully use [us], and persecute [us]’ (Matthew 5:44) takes faith, strength, and, most of all, Christian courage.”

Robert D. Hales, “That Is Christian Courage,” New Era, July 2009, 4


Now Let Us Rejoice

October 25, 2010

“We were singing a great song as the intermediate hymn, ‘Now Let Us Rejoice,’ written by W. W. Phelps (Hymns, no. 3). That was written following an incident in Independence, Missouri, where Brother Phelps was the editor of a little newspaper. He had a printing press, and the people who were unfriendly towards the Church decided to do away with it, and the mob broke in and burned the building and destroyed the printing press. They burned some 200 homes of the Saints in showing their displeasure over the people following this movement. In that despair W. W. Phelps wrote those words, ‘Now let us rejoice in the day of salvation. No longer as strangers on earth need we roam,’ bringing hope to the people and encouragement. With hope that those things will happen in our lives, we move on because of the truthfulness of what we are attempting to do.”

David B. Haight, “Prophets Are Inspired,” Ensign, Nov. 1996, 14

There Will Always Be a Home for Lost Ones

October 25, 2010

 “With the help of priesthood leaders, parents must continue to go back and find their lost ones, assuring them there will always be a ‘home’ within the family and the Church, waiting for their return. We never know when a heart may be turned. We never know when a soul may be weary and worn out by

Hold Fast to the Church’s Proclamation on the Family

October 25, 2010


“If we will hold fast to the Church’s proclamation on the family, we will see that we hold the jewels, as it were, that can enrich so many other things. Let the world go its own way on the family. It appears to be determined to do that. But we do not have that option. Our doctrines and teachings on the family are very, very powerful, and they are full of implications for all the people on this planet.”Neal A. Maxwell, “Insights from My Life,” Ensign, Aug. 2000, 7

A Happy Home Includes Prayer, Thanksgiving, and Gratitude

October 22, 2010

“A happy home is but an earlier heaven. President George Albert Smith asked, ‘[Do] we want our homes to be happy[?] If we do, let them be the abiding place of prayer, thanksgiving and gratitude’ (in Conference Report, Apr. 1944, 32).”

Thomas S. Monson, “Precious Children, a Gift from God,” Ensign, June 2000, 5

Let That Alone

October 20, 2010


“Presidents Brigham Young and Heber C. Kimball tried to discourage Thomas B. Marsh’s murmuring, but to no avail. A repentant Brother Marsh later said of that time:” ‘I must have lost the Spirit of the Lord out of my heart. . . .” ‘I became jealous of the Prophet, . . . and overlooked everything that was right, and spent all my time in looking for the evil; . . . I thought I saw a beam in Brother Joseph’s eye, but it was nothing but a mote, and my own eye was filled with the beam; . . . I got mad and I wanted everybody else to be mad. I talked with Brother Brigham Young and Brother Heber C. Kimball, and I wanted them to be mad like myself; and I saw they were not mad, and I got madder still because they were not. Brother Brigham Young, with a cautious look, said, “Are you the leader of the Church, Brother Thomas?” I answered “No.” “Well then,” said he, “why do you not let that alone?” ‘ “Laborers in the Lord’s vineyard who murmur over life’s inequities, declared Jesus, murmur ‘against the goodman of the house.’ (Matt. 20:11.) The goodness of the Lord is attested to in so many ways—mansions await!—yet we ungrateful guests still complain about the present accommodations.”Those of deep faith do not murmur. They are generously disposed, and they are reluctant to murmur, even while in deep difficulties.”

Neal A. Maxwell, “Murmur Not,” Ensign, Nov. 1989, 83–84

Parents Should Be Examples of Christlike Attributes

October 20, 2010

 “Each mother and father should lay aside selfish interests and avoid any thought of hypocrisy, physical force, or evil speaking. Parents soon learn that each child has an inborn yearning to be free. Each individual wants to make his or her own way. No one wants to be restrained, even by a well-intentioned parent. But all of us can cling to the Lord.”

Russell M. Nelson, “Set in Order Thy House,” Ensign, Nov. 2001, 70

Spiritual Judgment for Spiritual Decisions

October 20, 2010

“Many blessings in life are missed because worldly judgment was applied to what was really a spiritual decision.”

Gregory A. Schwitzer, “Developing Good Judgment and Not Judging Others,” Ensign, May 2010, 104–5

Quail and Civil War

October 15, 2010

“Moses and Brigham Young had much in common. . . .”Both groups [the Israelites and the Saints] shared many miracles that are memorialized annually. The celebration of Passover relates to the travels of the ancient Israelites. And each July we repeat legendary stories of our pioneers. Both groups traversed deserts, mountains, and valleys of untamed wilderness. Ancient Israelites left Egypt via the parted waters of the Red Sea ‘as by dry land’ (Heb. 11:29). The pioneers left the United States crossing the wide waters of the Mississippi River—frozen to become a highway of ice.”The book of Exodus reports that quail were miraculously provided to feed the hungry people of ancient Israel (see Ex. 16:13; Num. 11:32; Ps. 105:40). The pioneers had an equivalent experience. After the last of them had been driven out of Nauvoo, many were sick and some had died. Their provisions were meager. On the river bottoms near Montrose, Iowa, on 9 October 1846, many quail miraculously flew into camp. The quail were cooked and fed to some 640 destitute people (see Stanley B. Kimball, “Nauvoo West: The Mormons of the Iowa Shore,” BYU Studies, winter 1978, 142).”It was also miraculous that a permanent settlement survived in the valley of the Great Salt Lake. Seagulls that saved the crops were part of that miracle.”God preserved ancient Israel from plagues sent upon Egypt (see Ex. 15:26). Similarly, God preserved the Saints from the plague of the United States Civil War, which caused more American deaths than any other war.”

Russell M. Nelson, “The Exodus Repeated,” Ensign, July 1999, 9

Chicken Evoporates

October 15, 2010

It is amazing, I think we had some evaporating chicken the other night. I go and get some leftover generals Tzo chicken that we made the other night, and all the chicken seem to have evaporated out of it. Have plenty of Rice but only 2 lonely pieces of chicken that I guess weren’t mature enough to evaporate with the rest of them

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