Dwarves and Halflings

In my B/X game I am running in addition to Elves who are fighter magic users, I have modified Dwarves and Halflings. Dwarves are now fighter clerics and Halflings are fighter thieves.


Level     Title          Exp points    Hit Dice      spells

1          Deacon              0            1d6+1              0

2          Teacher      3000          2d6+2         1 first

3          Priest          6000           3d6+3         2 first

Saves same as Dwarves in book



Level     Title          Exp points     hit dice     spells

1          Deacon              0                     1d6              0

2          Teacher      2700                  2d6              0

3          Priest           5400                  3d6              0

Saves same as Halflings in book Thief skills same as book



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