Tonights session

HAd a great game tonight.  Had dinner prepared as soon as every one arrived, made spaghetti so we could have a quick dinner then get an early start to the game. We even had exploding chocolate cake for dessert, though I noticed the group didnt’ have much of it since the explosion in the microwave while cooking it. The cake tasted great no loss the less the group eats the more for me and the kids :).

We played in Mikes campaign which uses the savage world rules. We managed to get out-of-town and headed off towards our tracks of land the Queen gave us. Had a bit of fun in a few of the Inns along the road and ended the session tonight after we defeated some bandits at a bridge and with our next session, we shall see what is up with”emperor” Robert and the rest of the bandit band. Can we make a deal to use them to populate our properties, or will we have to defeat them and use the coin we find to help us finance our Land.


Next week I will be running my B/X game so long as john can still join us, other wise it will be mikes turn again.


One Response to “Tonights session”

  1. sevendarks Says:

    Our lineup:
    Dave @ Daethelan Hum?(m) aka.”The waylayer Grey Fox”
    Ken @ Graynor Hum?(m) aka. “The survivor”
    Brad @ Giladrian Elf(m) aka. “The Chemist”
    Maggie @ Matilda Hum?(f) aka.”Queens confidant”

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