Kingdon of Arn Cast of characters: Daethelan


(aka. The Fox of Faerun Forrest, The Duke of Divisions Duchy, Lord Panflyer the Pilpherer, etc.)

Appearance & Personality:

He stands roughly five and a half feet tall, with a lion like, wild hair that falls to his shoulder blades, deep blue piercing eyes filled with lively mirth, and a long thin face upon which a perpetual smile is usually seen. His ears, while not pointed like an elves, are vertically long upon his head. When moving about he struts with a confidence and airs of a hunter seeking the latest in diversions; whether it be celebratory, sustinence, or salacious sidebars with saucy seductresses. For him, because of the strong caling of his quarter-fey blood, he sees it as worthy pursuits all in the name of the eternal quest for fun.


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