The Kingdom of Arn

This is the back story for the other game we have running on Saturdays using the Savage world rule

The Kingdom of Arn

The King is dead!

All hail the King!

That is usually how it goes. The old King dies and his son or daughter takes over. However, King Mardell’s wife and children had died in the fire that had sweep the city of Asir three months prior. Many said grief had wilted the King until death was a sweet release. Others said that it was poison. No one now living know the real truth. What is known is that the Council of Seven, so named for the seven Dukes who chaired the Council began in-fighting and pushing forward their right to rule the Kingdom.

One hundred and fifty years of brutal bloodshed and endless battles followed. Each Ducal family insisting that their’s was the true ruler’s bloodline. At first the fights were held to the normal formal standards of battle. Each army meeting on the field of battle and offering truce and mercy to the defeated. Ransom was granted to Nobles and Officers and even to some of the more wealthy Yeoman.

Over time things changed. No one know which battle started it but mercy was denied, ransom was a thing of the past. The losing army was utterly destroyed. What started as fights to assert their right of leadership quickly turned into fights to the death. Each Family vowing revenge upon another from horrors past. The cycle continued until not even the Families remembered why they hated one another. Whole villages were drafted into battles, men , women, even the old and infirm were force to fight for their lives.

It started gradually, a village here, a town there. The Red Death, plague. Entire provinces were wiped out. What the armies didn’t kill, the Red Death took. Soon even the most blood-thirsty Family had no one left to fight. Three of the Seven Families were taken to the last by the Red Death. The plague killed so many so quickly that it burned itself out within twenty years. Those left alive were immune.

It took 70 years before Lady Beechford, one of the remaining Four, started the whole thing over again by moving troops into Asir and declaring herself Queen. The fighting lasted 10 years before attrition took its toll.

It was 3 years ago that Lady Taera Eastvern came out of the Mirkwood.
For 3 years, you have fought and bled for her. One province at a time, you overcame all. You marched into Asir and by unanimous vote of the remaining Four, she was crowned Queen.

This is where you write your story. Lady Taera recruited you to her cause. How did she recruit you? Why did you follow her?

Each of you will be awarded Lands and Titles. You all know why you are being rewarded. Was it for saving her life in battle? Smuggling critical supplies through enemy lines? Single handedly winning a key battle?

Please respond to the group as to who you are and what you did.

If you wish something to be hidden, character motivations or family history. Please send me a direct email at 

The game system will be Savage Worlds, I like the free flow of it and its easy for me to GM Fiat stuff 🙂

Any race, any background is valid. I will go over the game system and all that during character creation.


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