Novus Avion Session Summary

 Here is the summary of the last 2 sessions as provided by one of the players in my B/X game

Dave @ Sarx Hum Thf
Mike @ Tolan Dwf Ftr/Clr
Maggie @ Minerva Hum Clr
Brad @ Poctora Hum Wiz
John @ Drake Elf

2011/01/22 009 “New Avion”
Party travels to the tower in the county of Enverness
Drake is drawn to a stone where he chooses the staff of three items.Sarx, following, is delayed enough to not see.
Group,after burying the 2 barrels of silver, stay at the Bawdy Broad Inne in town.
Party learns of a family attacked by 5 bandits; 16 yr old daughter abducted. Group assists posse searching for girl. Sarx turned invisible to scout ahead.
Party encounters,and fight 5 cultists in tower. Summoned creature leaves w leader. Girt w jet black tatoo skin is let go. All seem aberations with elf & human lineage.Townspeople capture and hold breifly,
2011/01/29 010
42c 2 carpet (protect & Sumn)
Patry ascends the stairs, Invrstigates 3 rooms. Finds 3 wine bottls, Kitchen, Storage. Cistern with plumbing.
Ascend stairs to swollen door.2 Lfts 1 way concealed door. Nightcap discovered. Sm Vial, COffer w pouch magic ring within. Bookshelf w hidden compartment w vellum book w glass case.
Potora touches book and something weird happens. knowledge of spell learned. Book has no magic.


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