Novus Avion Session Summary

A Summary of tonight’s session. We had to call the session a bit short tonight as one of the player needed to get home as he is flying out for his job tomorrow.

The cast of Characters

Dave @ Sarx Hum Thf
Mike @ Tolan Dwf Ftr/Clr
Maggie @ Minerva Hum Clr
Brad @ Poctora Hum Wiz
John @ Drake Elf

The Party finished exploring the Haunted Tower of Inverness, discovered a hidden elevator in the master bed room that lifted the bed up to the roof, Sarx discovered a decanter of endless water was fueling the cistern system and also Found a new cloak, A cloak of elven kind: summer court. The also discover the roof is covered in astrological signs and star charts with various hole drilled in the roof for an unknown use.

The Party then returned to town returning the kidnap victim and discovered the town had found and lynched the Black skinned tattooed woman. With the return of the girl the town had a huge victory celebration, and the party met Harold the hedge mage who gave them 3 potions of healing and the town magistrate offered the party 50 acres of land or 25 silver pieces as reward for returning the girl. After a festive night the part went to sleep at the inn.

The next morning the party got up with plans to talk to the magistrate about the land offer, they had several ideas , 1 take the 50 acres and share crop it out, 2, see if they could get the tower and surrounding land as the deal , or 3 take the 50 acres around the wood where they had buried the 2 kegs of silver the party has. The party decided in the end to take the tower and surrounding lands. they where also told it was believed the tower has a basement or underground section, which the party hadn’t earlier found.

As the party was leaving the magistrate’s office he asked them if they could look into the disappearance of Harold the Hedge mage it seems no one has seen him since last night at the celebration. The Party goes to his shop to look for clues and find that his entire stock of potions is missing, and checking the up stairs they find evidence that his room had actually been cleaned up after some sort of struggle and 3 drops of blood. The party then goes to talk to Esteban the other seller of potions and misc stuff in town. In the curs of questioning him and casting a few spell, they determine the Esteban had some thing to do with Harold disappearance, The party allows him to leave to get the magistrate, to refute their accusations, with Sarx following him with his cloak Esteban after a couple of blocks takes off down an alley and runs off to the forest. Sarx reports back to the party. The Party having searched Esteban’s place find the missing potions bottles from Harold’s place where Esteban had dumped Harold potions in to his bottles to sell. The party reports all this to the magistrate, and he swears out a writ and gives it to the party to bring him in, dead or alive preferably alive.

Going out to the edge of the forest where Esteban fled Sarx begins to track him and they find additional foot prints of the hob nailed boot kind, and find a camp around a fire with 2 tent in the woods Sarx using the cloak goes and check out the camp and finds 5 hob goblins, he returns to the party, and as they are planning their attack, we called it a night




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