Novus Avion: 5-14-2011

The cast of Characters

Dave @ Sarx Hum Thf
Mike @ Tolan Dwf Ftr/Clr
Maggie @ Minerva Hum Clr
Brad @ Poctora Hum Wiz  was absent
John @ Drake Elf

The Party decide to find out if the rumour of a dungeon under their tower and property was true. The spoke to several old gaffers in the inn and where told that the was a huge dungeon complex beneath their tower.

Going back to the tower the found the cellar area which is part of the Dumb waiter system to the tower and also after defeating a Zombie found a cold storage area being maintain by a small ice blue super cold gem.

They then managed to find a wizard alchemical research lab located under the Study on the ground floor and after much searching finally found the entrance to the under ground dungeon complete beneath the stair case heading up the tower. they managed to go through several rooms found  a huge collection of pole arms and also dealt with a copper statue that threw lighting bolts and after being dispatch, melted in to a 25 pile of cooper


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