Novus Avion: 05-21-2001

The cast of Characters

Dave @ Sarx Hum Thf
Mike @ Tolan Dwf Ftr/Clr
Maggie @ Minerva Hum Clr
Brad @ Poctora Hum Wiz
John @ Drake Elf Was absent

The party Return to the town and hire people to begin refurbishing the tower and ground surrounding it. Left friend Drake do some magical research and went back into the dungeon, and began checking out additional rooms. The party found a room with 14 pools that radiated magic and each of the pools that still had water had different effect, from the pool Sarx recovered a magic ring from that turn to ice to the pool with an illusion on it filled with green slime to which Tolan lost 2 fingers to, but subsequently got them back from the healing pool there is also a pool of acid and one pool that double coins up to 1 gp in value ever 24 hours, Note I am on a silver system so that is a nice chunk of change.

They also found a bed room that they assumed belonged to a wizard, as they found 2 scroll in ivory cases and a spell book fired trapped with 3 third level spells in it. they also discover a portable hole in a trunk variation, with a twist that the stuff is stored exactly where the case was placed, so if you don’t’ put the case back petty much exactly where it was you can’t access the caches of loot. so now the party is wondering how many caches there may be stored all through the dungeon  etc.


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