Drama before a Temple trip

It never seems to fail, there is always some sort of drama, or occurrence before we go to the Temple.  I know many people feel it is Satan trying to thwart the trip, and that is probably true,but this morning as I was thinking about our trip to Dc tomorrow for the Youth and mine and Maggie’s  wedding anniversary the Lord could also be sending the drama as well.

The Lord Might be letting the drama unfold to allow us to appreciate the Sweet spirit of the temple more, or perhaps to guild us on things we should focus on while there, or just to help us spiritually get in better shape.

I always Love the spirit of the temple grounds, even at it’s most hectic with kids runnign around and tryign to put every thing together, then isthe spirit of calm and the sure knowledge God is in charge to me while i am there.

Even when I didn’t have a temple recommend, many times I would go down to the LA Temple and just walk the ground and go through the visitors center to help me clear my head, and let the Lord speak to me.

Now with me being a husband and father, I find the call of the temple even stronger.


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