“Grip of Vice” – Session 1

Cast of Characters
Mike @ Daniel Pullman — Species:Human (m) Prof: Smuggler

Assets …………….: Two-Handed Fighter d4, Natural Linguist d4

Complications …: Hooked (Stims) d4, Fragile d4
Ken @ Carrol Howard — Species:Human (m) Prof: Ex Military

Assets …………….: Toughness d12, Fast Healing 12

Complications …: Contrarian d4, Forked Tongue d6, Lazy d4, Smartass d4, Overconfidence d6
Brad @ “Bail” — Species:Human (m) Prof: “Face Man”

Assets …………….: Contacts (What sort?*) d12, Formidable Presence d6, Good Natured d6, Wealthy d4

Complications …: Memorable d8, Stingy d4, Rebellious d4, Rival (Organized Assassins) d12
Maggie @ ??? — Species:Human (f) Prof: Psychic (Physiology) / Medic Assets …………….: * Soon to be determined * Complications …: * Soon to be determined *

Noteworthy NPC’s: Connolly Hardinger – Possibly corrupt politician accused of wrongful practices now employing the group.Abe Doorcan – Newsvid reporter who has unearthed evidence of  Hardinger’s corruption. Ambrosia Veisse – Gorgeous overpaid “administrative assistant” with an air of mystery about her. “Stevie” Steelcase – “Independent” helper to the Hardinger political machine, known to our group who’s dissapeared and is most likely dead.

  Events Log – 2012/01/07: Connections: Each of or group has, at some point, worked for Connolly Hardinger; a politician on board the orbiting city with a well publicized program to clean up governmental corruption and ironically is now accused of the same. A netcaster named Abe Doorcan has been providing a majority of the evidence. Daniel Pullman was hired to smuggle something. Carrol Howard was hired to enforce for a trusted “independent agent” of the politician named “Stevie” Steelcase, and “Bail” was a “Funding Consultant” employed by the politicians group to convince those with wealth to fund Hardinger’s campaign. – “Stevie” Steelcase missed his early morning appointment with Daniel. Instead, three street punks hired by a distinctively garbed man to attack Mr. Pullman show. Carol shows up in time to turn the tables. On the leader was a 50cr card then acquired. All killed by Mr. Howard.
– Man later discovered as a close associate of Ms. Veisse’s, no name given, visited Bails looking for “Stevie” around that time. Having traced Stevie’s blood spattered Omnicomm to a trash bin just outside Bails place with Bails address still on it, the others pay him a visit. Recent incoming calls are traced to Ms.Veisse, from the night before, and Mr. Pullman. – Bail makes a call, learns Ms. Veisse is off station, and arranges a meet with her employer Mr. Hardinger. Hardinger is a little evasive but provides what answers he can to the question of his assistant, the mystery man serving her, and Mr. Steelcase. – He hires the group to move a container Pullman earlier smuggled to the planet to a new location; something Stevie was supposed to arrange with them. The politician will take care of the cost of transportation planet side and back as well as pay them for their services. They’ll need to pick up something from Clark Lewis though; a local small time merchant.
Advancement Points – Session 1

Daniel Pullman … 02

Carrol Howard ….. 02

Bail ……………….. 02

??? ……………….. 00


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