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For the sake of others…..

February 17, 2012

Many times in my life I have made choices, not because it is what I thought I should do,but I did it for the sake of others. Do other dress in a certain style or avoid mentioning certain hobbies for fear that might ber a bad example to others?

I remember years ago the shock on Bishop McCord face when he had stopped by the house to visit me and my mom, and he discovered I had my ear pierced. It had actually been pierced for about 2 years,but i just never wore an earing at church on Sundays or to the temple. The funny or sad part is I didnt’ wear the earing so much because I felt I shouldn’t to be reverent,but I did so mainly so as not to be a bad example to the youth. I didnt’ want to be part of the line” but mr. X has an earing and he is Elders quorum counselor so why can’t I” Even now as I let my hair grow out a bit, I wonder about the example I set,but on the other hand I have to be true to who I am, and also show that hair length doesn’t reflect faith,but it is what is in the heart and soul that we hold our Love of Christ and God. We can be an individual and have our likes and dislikes, hobbies or look and still come together to serve and worship our heavenly Father and His Son Jesus

Free will is the greatest gift we have from our Heavenly Father,but it is also the thing we to exercise wisely. I pray I may always use mine for the Good of our Heavenly Father, and promote the path he wants me to.


Resign a calling

February 17, 2012

I am really conflicted about this. Is it okay to ask to resign a calling? With my current calling I often feel as if I am not performing as well as I should, and am not magnifying my calling. With any calling there are times when you may not perform at your best,but as the Ward clerk if I am no doing so I hurt the entire ward. I have received many wonderful blessing from being the clerk,but I constantly feel, it seems, that I am just not performing my calling as well as I should. I’ve prayed and continue to pray for help in this regard,but at times in the middle of the night I fear I am just not doing the job.

Giacomo Puccini

February 17, 2012

He is one of my favourite composers.That was why I had to make the post about Madam butterfly premiering, as I am trying to do less reposting and more original work. If you havent’ given Puccini a listen, I really suggest you give him a try.

Feb 17, 1904: Madame Butterfly premieres

February 17, 2012


On this day in 1904, Giacomo Puccini’s opera Madame Butterfly premieres at the La Scala theatre in Milan, Italy.

The young Puccini decided to dedicate his life to opera after seeing a performance of Giuseppe Verdi’s Aida in 1876. In his later life, he would write some of the best-loved operas of all time: La Boheme (1896), Tosca (1900), Madame Butterfly (1904) and Turandot (left unfinished when he died in 1906). Not one of these, however, was an immediate success when it opened. La Boheme, the now-classic story of a group of poor artists living in a Paris garret, earned mixed reviews, while Tosca was downright panned by critics.

While supervising a production of Tosca in London, Puccini saw the play Madame Butterfly, written by David Belasco and based on a story by John Luther Long. Taken with the strong female character at its center, he began working on an operatic version of the play, with an Italian libretto by Giuseppe Giacosa and Luigi Illica. Written over the course of two years–including an eight-month break when Puccini was badly injured in a car accident–the opera made its debut in Milan in February 1904.

Set in Nagasaki, Japan, Madame Butterfly told the story of an American sailor, B.F. Pinkerton, who marries and abandons a young Japanese geisha, Cio-Cio-San, or Madame Butterfly. In addition to the rich, colorful orchestration and powerful arias that Puccini was known for, the opera reflected his common theme of living and dying for love. This theme often played out in the lives of his heroines–women like Cio-Cio-San, who live for the sake of their lovers and are eventually destroyed by the pain inflicted by that love. Perhaps because of the opera’s foreign setting or perhaps because it was too similar to Puccini’s earlier works, the audience at the premiere reacted badly to Madame Butterfly, hissing and yelling at the stage. Puccini withdrew it after one performance. He worked quickly to revise the work, splitting the 90-minute-long second act into two parts and changing other minor aspects. Four months later, the revamped Madame Butterfly went onstage at the Teatro Grande in Brescia. This time, the public greeted the opera with tumultuous applause and repeated encores, and Puccini was called before the curtain 10 times. Madame Butterfly went on to huge international success, moving to New York‘s Metropolitan Opera in 1907.

Spirituality pre-beginning

February 7, 2012

Not to scare anyone off,but i will probably at some point be posting some post on the spiritual events of my life the things that helped shape me and mold me and have to lead me to where I am  and who I am.  Spirituality is a part of who I am, so as I devote time to sharing who I am and what I want to do these experience will be shared. I hope I don’t’ scare anyone off, who is here just for the history quotes and to hear about my gaming and eBay experiences, but in order for me to grow I need to put to “paper” who I am.

The very first real spiritual event I can recall, and the one that started me on my path to who I am, was when I was around 10 years old. I had a dream, or as I see it now a vision,of the reality of eternity, and a brief glimpse of but one of the many out comes from our choices here in this life on our eternal resting place. It was most shocking that first moment I awoke and still felt in my head the heavy weight of what the concept of eternity true is. Even to this day as I ponder and think about it, I can almost for an instance recall the very feeling. I have and I am sure will always carry with me the power of that dream, and that is what began my long strange trip , through religion.

eBay Part 3

February 7, 2012

Well I think I have finally found my grove. I have all the auctions that are paid for in the mail, and have a few days before my next auctions start closing. Things are going well I must say pays for it self when yo ship to foreign countries,being able to fill out the custom slip for me and pay for it so I don’t have to find time to go to the post office and stand in line is fantastic. Managed to sell most of the gaming stuff a friend asked me to sell for him got one primo items and the rest sort of fell in the middle,but I am very happy that it is all going this time around.  I hope i can find some time tomorrow after Church to List some items as this week-end I understand I shall be busy and wont have time. I recommend any one selling D&D items to start listing now as if WotC figured out they can make money printing their back catalog a lot of this stuff will lose what value it has. also if you are interested in bidding check out Maglibra on eBay

eBay part 2

February 3, 2012

Well eBay has been going pretty smooth this week. The stuff I listed for a friend has actually got some bidders and looks like at least one of his items is going to bring some cash to him.  Just went through a quick 45.00 in postage tonight on and figure I will probably go through another 20 or so tomorrow, I am sure my Mailman is really starting to have me about now 🙂 Now I just need to get caught up once all the auctions end tomorrow so I can start going through a few more boxes to find stuff to list till I run out of my free listings for the month

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