eBay Part 3

Well I think I have finally found my grove. I have all the auctions that are paid for in the mail, and have a few days before my next auctions start closing. Things are going well I must say stamps.com pays for it self when yo ship to foreign countries,being able to fill out the custom slip for me and pay for it so I don’t have to find time to go to the post office and stand in line is fantastic. Managed to sell most of the gaming stuff a friend asked me to sell for him got one primo items and the rest sort of fell in the middle,but I am very happy that it is all going this time around.  I hope i can find some time tomorrow after Church to List some items as this week-end I understand I shall be busy and wont have time. I recommend any one selling D&D items to start listing now as if WotC figured out they can make money printing their back catalog a lot of this stuff will lose what value it has. also if you are interested in bidding check out Maglibra on eBay


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