Spirituality pre-beginning

Not to scare anyone off,but i will probably at some point be posting some post on the spiritual events of my life the things that helped shape me and mold me and have to lead me to where I am  and who I am.  Spirituality is a part of who I am, so as I devote time to sharing who I am and what I want to do these experience will be shared. I hope I don’t’ scare anyone off, who is here just for the history quotes and to hear about my gaming and eBay experiences, but in order for me to grow I need to put to “paper” who I am.

The very first real spiritual event I can recall, and the one that started me on my path to who I am, was when I was around 10 years old. I had a dream, or as I see it now a vision,of the reality of eternity, and a brief glimpse of but one of the many out comes from our choices here in this life on our eternal resting place. It was most shocking that first moment I awoke and still felt in my head the heavy weight of what the concept of eternity true is. Even to this day as I ponder and think about it, I can almost for an instance recall the very feeling. I have and I am sure will always carry with me the power of that dream, and that is what began my long strange trip , through religion.


One Response to “Spirituality pre-beginning”

  1. loriking Says:

    Love this! It doesn’t matter how old you are, if Heavenly Father thinks you’re ready to know truth, he’s going to let you know. I’m so grateful for these experiences, and for people who share them. It helps to boost my faith!

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