For the sake of others…..

Many times in my life I have made choices, not because it is what I thought I should do,but I did it for the sake of others. Do other dress in a certain style or avoid mentioning certain hobbies for fear that might ber a bad example to others?

I remember years ago the shock on Bishop McCord face when he had stopped by the house to visit me and my mom, and he discovered I had my ear pierced. It had actually been pierced for about 2 years,but i just never wore an earing at church on Sundays or to the temple. The funny or sad part is I didnt’ wear the earing so much because I felt I shouldn’t to be reverent,but I did so mainly so as not to be a bad example to the youth. I didnt’ want to be part of the line” but mr. X has an earing and he is Elders quorum counselor so why can’t I” Even now as I let my hair grow out a bit, I wonder about the example I set,but on the other hand I have to be true to who I am, and also show that hair length doesn’t reflect faith,but it is what is in the heart and soul that we hold our Love of Christ and God. We can be an individual and have our likes and dislikes, hobbies or look and still come together to serve and worship our heavenly Father and His Son Jesus

Free will is the greatest gift we have from our Heavenly Father,but it is also the thing we to exercise wisely. I pray I may always use mine for the Good of our Heavenly Father, and promote the path he wants me to.


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