The long and winding road ….memories of a dream gone by

So where do I go from here. I have determined I have to get out of this place that I am at.

The old me would just forget about yesterday’s post and hope some how a change would magically descend upon me,but I know that if you want change you have to make change and so that is where I am today. I know who I am today no to asses what I am doing right, and what changes I can make to get along the this path in life where i want to be

while I know an I am statement is not supposed to have a qualifier, I am doing to list some of the things I am doing right and I want to keep doing so I can then build to th finial statements.

I am a good father, because I help Linda with her home work.

I am a good Priesthood holder and father because we read from the scriptures almost every night and always have an evening prayer.

I am a good Husband because I try to support my wife and family emotionally and physically

Wow not a long list of positives, I think my blood sugar must be balanced, as i seem to be feeling less emotional today then yesterday , which may or may not be a good thing. 🙂

in the End:

I am a good father

I am a good husband

I am a good priesthood holder

I am a good clerk

I am a good home teacher.

I may not be perfect in any of these area, and some day I may be better than others, but I am all those things and more and each day I grow and go down the path known as life, I get better and better


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