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Triumvirate complete

January 23, 2013

500px-Symbol_of_Chaos_svgWell my two other sites are going live on face book. I should have website for them by the end of the week. I am very excited to have my main idea I have been working on since June of last year finally going live.

Arioch Enterprises My consulting business for helping others get their dream product from their head into the hands of the world. I am taking my experience in helping clients get noticed and bring it to the niche of RPG’s. Help you plan you action, get a web site and or bulletin board if you need. along with social media, and help with crowd sourcing or contacts to get electronic or physical products created. You have a dream and I can help you bring it to life for the world

Arioch’s Attic My new and used book store and RPG’s store. where I will list stuff for sell both direct and also via eBay


Growing up is hard to do.

January 18, 2013

brick houseWell we just got off the phone with two different lending agencies, and it appears we are very close to our goal of home ownership. Our credit score is climbing, and we have one blemish, that Maggie has been working with our prepaid legal to get removed, that will naturally come off in the next 6 months any ways. and we are saving up for our down payment. So in the next year we should be pre approved for a nice size loan and have a very nice sized down payment and be prepared to qualify for first time home buyer and local grants to help with closing costs and down payment.
It has been an interesting 5 years that we have been on the road to financial freedom and control. I am using a bury my head in the sand, and assume the worst type of guy.Maggie and I though started right after Linda was born to take an active role in get our bills paid off, not get new credit and start putting money away for the girls and also for our retirement. We have now also started adding to our down payment savings fund and have a nice nest egg which should almost double in the next year

Home ownership was one of those things of late I have often felt unworthy of, and that unlike my parents I would never be a home owner, as between the economy and the ridiculous rise in prices of homes it seems it would be something out of my reach. now I have hope that in the next year not only is it a real possibility but in fact will become a reality as long as we stay on the path we have chosen.

Walking on Sunshine

January 7, 2013

Well this is most interesting. I am not sure what is up but i do hope it is a good thing. A little before Christmas I had begun my slow slide from my manic state heading into my darker side. Yesterday I was really starting to feel it,but for some reason today I actually woke up energized. I got my route done this morning in record time, have got a ton of work for Cut the crap done, and even some of My stuff for Ariochs Adventures. The trash is taken out, and I am thinking about listing a bunch of stuff on eBay too. Even with a bid of poor news I received in the mail about unemployment my mood is still pretty much upbeat and happy. I am not sure how long this wave of energy is going to last but I am certainly going to try to ride it for as long as I can,before I return to my regularly scheduled darkness.


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