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I am a child of God and Live in an abundant universe of his creation, which supports me, and provides all that I need.

February 21, 2013


Well just had the van towed to the repair shop. and got the confirmation number to pick up a rental car tomorrow that insurance will pay for. All in all it has been pretty smooth sailing with this accident. the only glitch, which delayed things a day was them having my phone number wrong, but got that corrected and we are on track.

It is amazing what a difference a few years and a better out look on the universe makes. We went through a similar problem about 7 years ago, and it wasn’t near as pleasant, or smooth. I still have mental flash back to it and I have to remind myself I live in an abundant universe, and things will work out for good. This time around we are able to have the rental car we need things are going forward and we didnt’ even really experience a hick up at all, except for me missing my meetings Sunday due to time lost taking care of reporting the accident etc. I am so very grateful for the support of the universe created by my wonderful heavenly father, and the support of my wonderful wife, family and friends. When you head and heart are in the right place it is amazing how much better things go.


Too much of me around

February 15, 2013

Well got back from the Dr. yesterday. I’ve lost 9 pounds since my last visit. In reality I had lost more,but had put a few back on in the last 6 weeks. She is very happy with the weight loss, and my high blood pressure, or lack there of,but my AC1 is still higher than she would like, so she added a new rx which should help. I know most of the problem has been I have just been lazy when it comes to diet and not eating as healthy as I should so I have decided to jump-start my weight loss and lowering my AC1 by starting Adkins again.

I was inspired by my sister in law talking about starting a wight loss blog, that I have decide to chronicle my weight loss and diet on my blog. I figure it will for one help me blog more often as I tend to be a bit hit or miss, and I think it will also help motivate me to stick to it. So last night I stated with a salad and a 91/9 hamburger patty and some cheese and bacon. all these things have been cook in the oven on a rack to reduce the grease factor significantly. This morning for breakfast I have some sausage and cheese, and for lunch a had a double patty bacon cheese burger,with the cheese as a substitute for the bun. If th weather holds nice I am going to go walking tonight and let Linda take her bike out for a ride in the neighbourhood.

Lets hope I can get healthy through diet and exercise as I want to be with my family as long as possible in this life

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