I’m not Roger Waters I swear

Must have been in a Roger Waters mood.

Wow those last couple of post, I hope were not to dark, scary or whinny.

Early in the writing class I ended up doing some writing dealing with my mother and growing up , and you can see the results. trying to find my other notepad as it has some more of my early work. that first class session was rough and raw as I was sorting out the how and wherefore of dealing with my guides .

The  first two classes where fantastic in helping me to refine my talent, and learn how to work with my guides. this last set of classes is really great because it is helping me focus on how to bring my talents to use to help others. When we share we all have more, applies not just to physical things but also to emotional and spiritual things as well. that we have happiness and contentment, is good but it is even better when we share so every one can find happiness and contentment.

Keep an eye out here and at my other blog and my website. as the last two weeks things have been percolating, and now the sharing is about to begin.



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