Mother or Santayana

Anger Anger Anger

Do not hold the hate, you must be free to be you. The hold and mold of the past will cut and burn you.

You must be you. Find the time to be who you are let the chains go. Love not fear and anger is the key.

Do not let my example be your guide. Do not visit the anger of the past on your children of today.

She is you wife, not me.Your children are no you.

Let every one be who they are. Dont let life be lived by another.

Don’t let remorse and bitterness fill your head. You are a free divine child .

The past is the past, let your anger go.

Let your anger go.

Let your anger go.

Let the light fill you mind.  Don’t  be yourself part-time.

Be present to Who you are, where you are and who you are with.

Life if for living. Life is not a punishment,but a joy have and to be enjoyed.

Let me go. Let the past go.

Learn to live your own life, not the life of your father and I.

I forgive you, just as you forgive me.

By making the break you save the memory,but remove the pain.






On of my early Writing sessions, dealing with my past.

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