The lion roars he doesn’t shout.

Yesterday after I shouted at my girls for playing in the kitchen, which is against the rules in our house, I realized there is a difference between shouting and roaring. It is one thing to roar, or speak with an assertive tone to convey a message, and another to shout using anger and volume to attempt to intimidate your target.  I realized that some of the times I though I was roaring, I was actually shouting. What a difference, it makes when trying to get a message across when you speak authoritative, and forceful as opposed to the shout. With a roar  my girls listen and act, but when I shout I introduce anger from me and fear in them and the message is lost, and feelings are hurt. Now that this has dropped in for me, I am able to make the shift and will be better at communicating with my family and friends

There is a cartoon my girls love to watch called Tinga Tinga tales one of the stories is about why Lion Roars.  one of the points in the story is that Lion only uses his roar when it is important. Which is part of how I came to the conclusion there is a difference between a roar and a shout.


3 Responses to “The lion roars he doesn’t shout.”

  1. bblackmoor Says:

    That’s interesting.

  2. loriking Says:

    Yes. Sometimes I need to roar rather than shout. I think a lot of the time it comes down to being selfish. When I am shouting, I am being selfish. I want MY way NOW! When I am teaching, (which we SHOULD do as a parent) the roar comes more from the energy around me. I command attention even without the use of my voice. It’s much more effective

  3. sevendarks Says:

    @Lori King Exactly

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