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Game Day

July 30, 2016

Well, it is Saturday, so the group will be coming over to play. It is much easier to clean up today since cleaning up earlier in the week. I should have 4 more loads of laundry ready to go to the laundromat, with two girls it is amazing how much laundry we generate. I have also put up the Curtains to the laundry room and the pantry, next step to get the curtain up on the window behind the refrigerator.

I know to the real world these are pretty mundane tasks but in my struggle in like it is nice to be able to post some accomplishments to keep me motivated and moving forward. Hopefully, should have some good news on rebuilding my Wizard website and building my new spiritual site


More Progress on Dishes

July 29, 2016

Well got some more dishes done today, have 4 loads of washed laundry ready to got to laundromat for drying. Will pick up my new silverware set from the evil empire when I pick Candra from work. I hope to get some more stuff done around the house later today as well

More Progress

July 28, 2016

One load of laundry done and started some dishes. If you are a real friend you understand the importance of this update 🙂


July 28, 2016

Well at least have some progress. I started a new facebook page after my guides just wouldn’t shut up about it. Two days in a row, so I, fortunately, gave in. I also set up my own GoDaddy hosting, instead of using my ex’s. I also transferred over one of my domains from her account and should get the second one transferred over next week. None of the website information came over since I had let the domains expire while that can be considered a bad thing, it also means I get to build a new website from scratch. I think that is what I need to do.

Well actually took care of trash and recycling today,and am planning on starting some laundry and possibly rearrange the dining room as well. so even in the heat, I am slowly making progress.

The Girls have AC

July 14, 2016

Today’s big accomplishment;  I have installed a  window unit in the girls room. This should make a big difference winter and summer because I insulated the window and put a darkening curtain up  that will keep the room warmer in winter and colder in summer. The girls now they have a nice automatic AC unit to cool down their room at night when they sleep

My girls are growing up so fast.

July 13, 2016

The Girls and I went to the store to get the curtains and rods for the house and decided to check out the backpacks for school this fall.  We had been in the store earlier in the week and the girls had said they wanted Minecraft backpacks,but the frozen ones with the matching lunch bag looked tempting to them, So when we go over and look and Ella says she wanted a hello kitty with a lunch bag, and Linda says she wants the frozen one with Elsa and Anna on it. This is the first time the girls have  picked different backpack. Usually, they both want to have the same. My girls are growing up, and while I am happy they are becoming wonderful smart young ladies, I miss my sweet little girls.

Curtains are going up

July 13, 2016

Well been a bit slack on getting things done off my list but I have been busy. I was able to get back to my list today thank goodness. I managed to get the curtains set up to separate the dining room from the living room and I also put the curtain up over the window in the living room with the AC unit. this provides more insulation and makes the room darker at night as well. It also makes the room look a bit better so the small blanket I have up for insulation isn’t as prominent. It isn’t perfect  but it is an improvement and I will probably fiddle with in again in a few weeks to get it more right

July 6, 2016

Well, today I took a day off from my chore list. I still got several things accomplished,but just none from my list. I have the girls read for a couple of hours and then let them do so educational games at As soon as the girls get done combing their hair we are going to the local library renew their cards and check out some books. I need to remind myself to get their paperwork in to go back to W.H. Taylor soon. The girls have grown and learned so much there that even though I am closer to the school than before I am just across the line. They were approved last year I hope they will be approved this year.

Happy Fourth of July

July 4, 2016

Happy fourth of July. With schedules as they are, less celebrating this year,but the chance to get more work done on the place. Have gotten a good start on laundry, done some dishes, and have got the drop clothes and paint rollers so tomorrow I can start painting.

Thoughts on films

July 4, 2016

I am going to start talking about movies I’ve seen pretty soon on this blog. I wouldn’t’ call it a review, as I am not going to be discussing the technical merits of the film but rather if I liked it and what parts I did or didn’t like. I am not going to be a critic so much as just sharing my thoughts of films I like or dislike.

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