Once more in to the breech

Well, once more I am going to try to motivate myself to restart my various work from home projects. This seems to be the best summer to do it. I have a stable place to stay at the moment. I don’t; have to worry about the kids school schedule, and for the next few months, I should continue to have assistance around the house with child care.

I was  laid off from one of my delivery jobs, so I have a need to get things put in order and  more time to concentrate on my passions so I will turn my dream passions into  paying opportunities. I should have my hosting set up in the next few days to bring back 2 of my sites then I shall do some overhauling of them and bring them online. I will also be doing more Posting on Facebook. Don’t cry this will be the good posting from my other sites about the things I am doing etc.

I am also going to be getting my butt in gear on projects around the house that I have put off for a whole year. Yes, it has been a whole year since I moved into this place. and while the spirit is right, I have neglected my duties to fixing this place up , and that is going to stop right now.


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