Curtains are going up

Well been a bit slack on getting things done off my list but I have been busy. I was able to get back to my list today thank goodness. I managed to get the curtains set up to separate the dining room from the living room and I also put the curtain up over the window in the living room with the AC unit. this provides more insulation and makes the room darker at night as well. It also makes the room look a bit better so the small blanket I have up for insulation isn’t as prominent. It isn’t perfect  but it is an improvement and I will probably fiddle with in again in a few weeks to get it more right


One Response to “Curtains are going up”

  1. atroll Says:

    Curtains! What a cool idea! I wonder what it would cost to curtain off the living room from the rest of the house.. It’s not something I could do myself.

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