The Sleeper won’t awaken

I repel what I love.

I lose what I love

The tighter I try to hold on the father I push my desire away.

All my life I live for tomorrow.

That there will always be a chance to say I’m sorry.

If I close myself I turn cold and hard.

I open myself up and my insanity floods my mouth.

Cling to tight and crush the jewel.

Hold too loose and it falls between my fingers.

Attach to quickly, and set myself up for pain.

Shield my heart and never feel another’s heart.

Delusions of  reality is where I live.

My fantasy world, where I think I love and am loved.

In reality, I may be loved but I fail to love.

Insincerity if my creed.

Lack of emotional connection is my skill.

I am a psychic vampire.

I drain the lives of those around me

Till finally as a husk they see the truth.

In my cave, I sit alone

I dream a dream the lie I live

I am unable to love another human being.


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