I am currently 51. I am originally from Bakersfield,CA but have been in the Hampton roads area of VA for the last 20. I am a divorced father of 2 wonderful girls. My marriage lasted 15 years, and it was a pretty amicable split. I have been Playing D&D and role-playing games since I was 12. I was am LDS,it’s complicated. more later


6 Responses to “About”

  1. Shannon Ward Says:

    Saw a post over on Dragonsfoot, wanted to say hey to what seems like another LDS Greyhawker… so hey.

  2. Urieal Says:

    Yaay…fellow LDS players!! I feel a kindred spirit! Wish you guys lived close by…that way my wife might actually feel comfortable with the game

    • sevendarks Says:

      I am sorry to hear you wife isn’t comfortable with the Game, my wife wasn’t even a gamer when we got married but with in 6 months after we where married she joined in

      • Urieal Says:

        I think it’s the whole stigma that came about in the 80s. She’s never bothered to even look at the rules

  3. sevendarks Says:

    would it help if she knew Steve March would helped with the first 2 supplements went on his mission after doing so? or that Tracy Hickman of DL fame is a member or Sandy Peterson of Runequest Call of Cuthulu are members of the church?

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