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August 14, 2016

Do not chase peace

You can never catch it

Be still, calm, and wait

Peace will come to you


I am

August 13, 2016

I am who I am.

I am complex.

I am irrational.

I am logical.

I am a dichotomy of many things.

Love me, hate me, ignore me.

I am me.

I Still​ Have it

August 12, 2016

I signed back up to be a psychic for the Power Psychic Network. I go under the name Joseph Elric. I signed in today, and my first client enjoyed my reading so much we ended up talking for 75 minutes. I really felt  good and it was good to be back.


August 12, 2016

To transition to the next life is nothing to fear for it is the end goal of this life to go forward to the next. Nothing in this world happens by accident it all happens on time and as it should be. God or source is in control and nothing happens but as it should. So, therefore, self-translation to the next life should be celebrated. for it is an end to the pain one experiences and causes in this world and if it was not to be it wouldn’t happen.


February 14, 2014

This is a quick and simple  post on some of the thought I’ve been feeling for the last few week. I will explore this more in-depth once I make my big blogs posts starting in June

There has been a lot of talk on the internet and at church about some of the new pages the church has posted, explain the history of the church on certain issues.  the latest one is the churches official  mention of the seer stone that was used to help translate the Book of Mormon. I understand that for many this is a totally new thing to hear and the had n’t heard about it before. I understand that can be a bit shocking,but I am confused by the reaction of so many to it and other things. Our testimony isn’t’ based upon on ears and brain hearing things we agree with, or at least it isn’t supposed to be. Our testimony is based upon us praying to Heavenly Father and receiving direct revelation that The book of Mormon is true and that Joesph Smith is a prophet of God. I mean if tomorrow they came out with evidence that Joseph Smith was actually an old black woman, while yes I would have to rethink some of the churches current traditions, how  does that effect that I prayed about the book of Mormon and about the Prophet Joesph Smith and I received my answer from God? I have know many people who have left the church for various reasons over the years, and they tend to fall into two categories. One those that never had a testimony of the truth of the Work  and two those who spiritual path is no longer aligned with the church.

You can often spot the difference by the bitterness of the person who has left the church. Some one who’s spiritual path is no longer aligned with the church moves on and follows the path they feel they need to,but they don’t feel  anger or upset with the church because their issue isn’t with the church but with their own spiritual path. While the church may have at one time served a need they had it no longer does and so they move on to find that which is in alignment with where they are spiritually.

Those that are bitter, are often those that didn’t have the spiritual experience of conversion. they joined the church listened to it’s leader and so forth because they liked the message they heard or had been told by some one else it was true,but hadn’t had the spiritual answer etched on their heart, so when the church says or does something they don’t understand or expands  or changes tradition from the past, they get upset and feel betrayed. If one  had a direct answer from good about the truth of things there would be no reason to feel betrayed, because you would have the peace of mind of knowing the truth. but lacking that they turn their anger against man and the church.

So in the end what does it matter what traditions, the current church leaders may or may not change, how does the action of a man, even an inspired man,  overpower your direct spiritual experience with the Source of all, our Heavenly Father and the answer he gives you? Even if the answer is that the church is not on your spiritual path at this time or what, why be angry and bitter about the past when we can embrace the love, joy and peace we find with the Source of all joy?


The lion roars he doesn’t shout.

October 2, 2013

Yesterday after I shouted at my girls for playing in the kitchen, which is against the rules in our house, I realized there is a difference between shouting and roaring. It is one thing to roar, or speak with an assertive tone to convey a message, and another to shout using anger and volume to attempt to intimidate your target.  I realized that some of the times I though I was roaring, I was actually shouting. What a difference, it makes when trying to get a message across when you speak authoritative, and forceful as opposed to the shout. With a roar  my girls listen and act, but when I shout I introduce anger from me and fear in them and the message is lost, and feelings are hurt. Now that this has dropped in for me, I am able to make the shift and will be better at communicating with my family and friends

There is a cartoon my girls love to watch called Tinga Tinga tales one of the stories is about why Lion Roars.  one of the points in the story is that Lion only uses his roar when it is important. Which is part of how I came to the conclusion there is a difference between a roar and a shout.


September 25, 2013

Well I was going to post earlier how I had found my voice again. After much Soul searching and  contemplation, I felt my voice was back. My voice has been gone since I had a break through session a while back and have been working on being who I am and learning has to use the new tool I have to be me. I have been feeling  great, better and better  each day and each week and was finally feeling my  voice was back this morning  during my morning writing session. But now the leash has been called up short and my voice is gone. I know why it fled today and I am sure it will be back more quickly, as I have the tools , the knowledge and the strength to quickly shift and recover.

My Truth: I am a visionary man

August 15, 2013

I am a visionary man, it is what I am. I have never denied it, but I have never shared it either. Fear and lack of faith in self had caused me not to really share it.

I am sure some of you are ready with your smart comments or dismissals, that is fine. I am who I am and that is all I am.

I am so thankful for the talents heavenly father has given me and also for  the self confidence to recognize and use them

I’m not Roger Waters I swear

May 6, 2013

Must have been in a Roger Waters mood.

Wow those last couple of post, I hope were not to dark, scary or whinny.

Early in the writing class I ended up doing some writing dealing with my mother and growing up , and you can see the results. trying to find my other notepad as it has some more of my early work. that first class session was rough and raw as I was sorting out the how and wherefore of dealing with my guides .

The  first two classes where fantastic in helping me to refine my talent, and learn how to work with my guides. this last set of classes is really great because it is helping me focus on how to bring my talents to use to help others. When we share we all have more, applies not just to physical things but also to emotional and spiritual things as well. that we have happiness and contentment, is good but it is even better when we share so every one can find happiness and contentment.

Keep an eye out here and at my other blog and my website. as the last two weeks things have been percolating, and now the sharing is about to begin.


Who am I Mommy?

May 6, 2013

Who am I Mommy?

You are my son, my child, my joy

You where many things to me when I was in the world.

It doesnt’ matter who I say you are though son.

Don’t use my filters to be yourself. Ignore the pain and know I love you





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