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It’s the CIA, Doh.

April 17, 2016

The Panama papers is a very interesting story. I have been following it, nd the other day heard an interesting quote from Bill Gates” I am surprised there aren’t more Americans listed”.  The minute I heard that there was a click in my brain, probably because I wasn’t wearing my tinfoil hat, who caused the leak to occur. It was the CIA of course. The CIA did it to embarrass China and Russia and expose European banking flaws,but not wanting to cause a turmoil in the US they carefully avoided releasing too many links to any Americans connected to the firm.  Just an interesting thought I had, though I am surprised to see it spread across the internet as it seems a rather obvious conspiracy.


Tinfoil Hat

April 17, 2016

Thanks to my new post for today I have had to add a new category for my posts; Tinfoil hat.

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